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            Notice on 2024 China International Coatings Summit

               日期:2024-03-06     來源:中國涂料工業協會    瀏覽:30    
              Zhengzhou City, Henan Province on March 26-28, 2024

            Z. T. X. (2024) X. Z. No. 008

              All coatings, pigments and painting enterprises/research institutes, local coatings associations, institutions of higher learning and related organizations,

              As the national economy stabilizes and improves and the internal development momentum of the economy continues to grow, the Chinese coatings industry, after withstanding the daunting challenges from multiple risks both at home and abroad, will usher in a new period of development opportunities. To implement the new development philosophy in depth, unswervingly propel Chinese modernization, effectively promote the Chinese coatings industry’s robust green recovery, enhance confidence in the industry, accelerate the building of a new development pattern for the whole Chinese coatings industry chain, and boost the Chinese coatings industry’s green, low-carbon and high-quality development, China National Coatings Industry Association has decided to hold the “2024 China International Coatings Summit” in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province on March 26-28, 2024.

              China International Coatings Summit, the largest important conference for the coatings industry and industry chain, has been held successfully six times since 2018, attracting over 1,000 attendants from governments, enterprises and upstream and downstream industry chains. The event will feature authoritative interpretations of the latest industry policies, in-depth analysis of the industry’s economic performance, accurate predictions of macroeconomic development, deep insights into the global coatings market, discussions on industry transformation and upgrading, and sharing of enterprises’ paths to sustainable development.

              Zhengzhou located at China’s central region is an important cradle of the Chinese civilization and a Chinese central city being constructed at a fast pace with advantages in terms of strategy combination, location, inland opening up, industrial foundation, history and culture, and human resources. In recent years, relying on its favorable location, resource endowments, industrial foundation, and development environment, Zhengzhou entered the fast track of quality improvement and upgrade. This coatings summit will provide new development opportunities for coatings upstream and downstream enterprises to occupy the commanding height of development, propel the building of Zhengzhou into an advanced manufacturing and opening up highland, and promote the Chinese central city’s quality improvement and upgrade. Now the related matters are notified as follows:

              I. Theme of the summit

              Steady advancement, quality and efficiency improvement, efforts for breakthroughs

              II. Organizers: China National Coatings Industry Association

              Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government

              Undertaken by: Gongyi Municipal People’s Government

              China Coatings Magazine Co., Ltd.

              III. Main contents of the summit

              Part 1 Opening speeches

              ◆Leader of China National Coatings Industry Association

              ◆Leader of government

              ◆Leader of Chinese ministry/commission

              ◆Leader of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

              ◆Leader of co-organizer

              Part 2 Policy interpretations, guiding the industry’s new development

              ◆Interpretation of the Central Economic Work Conference, the National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference annual sessions, and the latest national economic policies

              ◆Interpretation of related industry development incentive policies by the National Development and Reform Commission

              ◆Interpretation of industry policies related to coatings industry development by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

              ◆Interpretation of the latest related environmental protection policies by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment

              ◆Interpretation of the latest related quality and standard policies by the State Administration for Market Regulation

              Part 3 Industry analysis, envisioning the industry’s new trends

              ◆Chinese coatings industry’s economic performance in 2023 and analysis of 2024 trends

              ◆Chinese petroleum and chemical industry’s development, its influence on the coatings industry, and opportunities

              ◆Global coatings market development report

              ◆Asian coatings market development report

              Part 4 Consensus building, creating a new pattern of high-quality development together

              ◆High-quality development and plans of leading enterprises

              ◆Sharing of low-carbon sustainable development by well-known enterprises

              ◆Sharing of global development by key enterprises

              ◆Sharing of technological innovation strategies by key enterprises

              Part 5 Downstream analysis, expanding new development opportunities

              ◆Chinese real estate development and its influence on the coatings industry

              ◆Analysis of the Chinese light industry’s key fields and demand for coatings

              ◆Chinese petroleum and chemical equipment development and demand for coatings

              ◆New opportunities brought by the Chinese new energy vehicle industry’s development for related coatings industry development

              ◆Chinese medical appliance industry’s development and demand for coatings

              Part 6 Technological innovation, new materials and new processes, supporting the industry’s new development

              ◆Titanium dioxide and emulsion industry’ development and its influence on the coatings industry

              ◆Application of new materials in the fields of resins, pigments and additives and technology sharing

              ◆Digital intelligent technology sharing

              ◆Green painting innovation and technology sharing

              IV. Participants

              1. Leaders of related Chinese ministries/commissions, experts and academicians;

              2. Persons-in-charge of related local governments and industry parks;

              3. Coatings, pigments and raw materials production enterprises, equipment manufacturing enterprises, painting enterprises, dealers, and related enterprises;

              4. Coatings downstream users and enterprises;

              5. Provincial and municipal coatings associations, and coatings upstream and downstream industry associations;

              6. Related institutions of higher learning and research institutes;

              7. Related media, etc.

              V. Conference schedule and venue

              1. Conference schedule

              March 26 whole day


              March 26 afternoon

              3rd Meeting of the 9th Standing Council of CNCIA

              3rd Meeting of the 9th Council of CNCIA

              3rd Meeting of the 1st Supervisory Board of CNCIA

              Council Meeting of CNCIA Equipment Branch

              Meeting with government leaders

              March 27 morning

              Opening ceremony

              Signing ceremony, release ceremony

              Keynote speeches

              March 27 afternoon

              Keynote speeches

              Supply-demand docking conference

              March 28 08:30-16:00

              Keynote speeches and survey tour

              March 28 16:00


              2. Conference venue

              Place: Huanghe State Guesthouse of Henan

              Address: No.1 Yingbin Road, Huiji District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

              3. Pick-up location

              Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport

              VI. Concurrent meetings

              3rd Meeting of the 9th Standing Council of CNCIA

              3rd Meeting of the 9th Council of CNCIA

              3rd Meeting of the 1st Supervisory Board of CNCIA

              Council Meeting of CNCIA Equipment Branch

              VII. Fees and registration methods

              The method of online registration and online registration fee payment is adopted for this summit. The details are as follows:

              1.    Registration fee

              Registration fee: 800 yuan/person; preferential registration fee for those who register and make payment before March 10: 600 yuan/person.

              Accommodation fee: no accommodation fee for delegates (two nights, room shared by two; the single supplement being 600 yuan/person).

              Meal fee: no meal fee for the period of this summit.

              2. Registration methods

              (1) online registration: scan the QR code for online registration and make online payment.


            (QR code for registration and payment)

              (2) Fill out the conference return and send it to chinacoatingnet@vip.163.com.

              If the mode of bank transfer is selected for registration fee payment, please complete bank transfer before March 22, 2024. The bank account information is as follows:

              Opening bank: ICBC Beijing Liupukang Sub-branch

              Account name: China National Coatings Industry Association

              Account number: 0200022309014431804

              VIII. Contact persons

              Ding Yanmei  13683517455     Liu Jie  13810161256

              Zhao Zhongguo  13717589022     Qi Xiangzhao  17622520752

              Fan Sen  13521703612     Xu Yan  13911991272

              Zhang Weihang  13426293752     Li Li  13581567188

              Niu Changrui  13366150895     Wang Zhen  18548905456

              Tel: 010-62256821/67605676/62253382/67607320

              E-mail: chinacoatingnet@vip.163.com

            China National Coatings Industry Association

            February 28, 2024

              doc file 2024 China International Coatings Summit Return.doc

            2024 China International Coatings Summit Return

            2024 China Internatio<i></i>nal Coatings Summit Return

            E-mail: chinacoatingnet@vip.163.com           Return must be sent before March 22, 2024

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